Welcome The Nista Studios
We here at Nista Studios are working towards the future that is rapidly approaching us. We are striving to make an impact in the NFT industry. Don't miss out on it.
Welcome to Nista Studios.
The Nista Studios working since beginning of the 2022. Our studio generally works on the metaverse, nft's, crypto currinsies, gaming etc. We think ingredients on the top are gonna change all of our lives from the beginning thats why we are working for the future and you should do for yourself.

Future coming too fast and

We sure you want to be in it
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Nista Studios Created
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02/22/2022 22.22.22
Crypto Masks Launched
@kaannaltn - Founder
@NistaOdPravde - Founder
@Larawien - Admin
@Beatruss - Artist
@Koii - Developer
@MrGUAP0 - Moderatör
@ClaY - Moderatör
@CrySaiyan - Artist
@Niyo - Moderatör
@Flack - Moderatör
@Vuxious - Desinger